Meet the owners of our graduate steeds



Michelle Becroft & Vulcan

I’m a beginner rider & after having a bad accident, a nervous one too. When I began looking for a horse to call my own, a friend suggested I look up Burilda Park. From the outset, I was impressed that I was asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about my riding ability, age, experience with horses and what I was hoping to achieve with my horse. In dealing with Alex from Burilda Park, I was confident in her ability to match me with my perfect horse. She suggested I meet Vulcan, a Burilda Park branded quarter horse. Whilst Alex informed me of Vulcan’s good traits, she was honest in advising of his quirks too. It’s this honesty that I’m most grateful for. Vulcan and I haven’t looked back & I truly believe I’ve found the perfect match, for me. The ‘after sales’ service has been fabulous. On the odd occasion where I have sought advice from Alex and Leigh, they are quick to provide advice and point me in the right direction. I’ve never felt like they just sold me a horse and left me to my own devices. I feel supported and helped in my horse journey. I’ve had no hesitation in recommending Burilda Park to friends seeking their next equine family member.


Pru Lindfield & Coco

Without hesitation at all I would recommend Burilda Park Equine. I have been on both ends of the field with help retraining a horse & eventually buying my dream horse through Burilda Park. If you are a nervous nelly or looking for your next performance horse (or both even) then seriously look no further- get together your wish list & send it to them! Being a mum of 3 & having a bit of a rough time I was wary about who to trust. As soon as I meet both Leigh & Alex all my worries disappeared. They have helped me so much with my confidence & continue to do so. It’s not just a ‘here’s a horse transaction see you later’ they have built such a wonderful uplifting community & it’s like having another family!

Sally Chapman & Misty

I have been fortunate to have known Alex and Leigh for a number of years now, buying my first horse Mac about 4 years ago. I needed a no nonsense horse that I could have fun on, not worrying about something hot and silly. I found the ad (before Burilda was born) and called Alex. I had a really good vibe and after driving to Bathurst to meet her, fell in love with the way she operated. I had finally found an honest horse person! I took Mac home and he was part of the family until drought forced his sale. I was very worried about selling him as I find it very difficult to find the 'right' home sometimes, so I called Alex. She said she would take him back and find him a new home for me. I was so relieved to know Mac would find a new home, someone who would be properly matched to him. And Alex did that. In between buying and then selling Mac, I contacted Alex searching for a new pony for my daughter Lucy who was at the time, a nervous rider. Having had horses my whole life, I thought I would be good at this, but alas I was not! Alex said she would keep a look out and I said I was willing to wait. Not long afterwards she called and said she had found Misty. We travelled over and Lucy and her gelled immediately, so home she came. Over the past two years, they have had a couple of ups and downs, however Alex and Leigh have been by my side for the whole journey - they are like the custodians of their Burilda steeds and want them to always succeed. After working together for a while we have now developed a wonderful bond with Misty and am very grateful for having the chance to own her. The support through the Burilda group is fantastic. It is honest, open and a place to share your insecurities, worries and 'bad' days - and there is always a (or maybe 10!) caring tribe members who respond with genuine responses to help or even just cheer you on. It is a real family, and I am very pleased to be part of it. You will not regret buying a horse from Burilda, they are true to their brand, Leigh tests them all himself, they are not traders or dealers - they are genuine people who are searching to make perfect matches between horses and new owners.


Kodie-Lee Newton & Finn

After a bad experience purchasing a horse from someone who I had trusted previously, I was a little apprehensive about trusting anyone else and had actually considered giving up riding for good! After following their page and chatting on & off to Alex for a few months, I just knew that my next horse was going to be a Burilda Park Graduate. When the day finally came to meet a horse that Alex thought would be my perfect match, I was so nervous but Alex & Leigh were quick to reassure me and sooth my nerves. The horse I met that day is Big Finn and that day changed my life forever! Finn quickly became part of the family and before I knew it I was a part of a tribe made of people that I mostly didn't know, but felt like I'd known forever! Thank to Alex & Leigh's dedication, passion for their Mindful Horsemanship Program & ongoing support I've been able to achieve things that I previously only dreamt of! I can't recommend Burilda Park Equine highly enough. The whole experience was, and continues to be amazing. I proudly show off my B branded steed everywhere we go!


Rachael Russell & Kip

I had been following Burilda Park’s page for a while when I decided to embark on the purchase of my new horse. I had gone to see a few horses not too far from me, however at times my nerves hopping on a horse that I wasn’t familiar with made things quite difficult for me, and I quickly found that not too many in the horse world had the time for someone with nerves! So I decided to write to Alex and Leigh and fill out my details and let them know about myself, my aspirations and where I was at on my horse journey. What I found with Alex and Leigh, was that they took in so much consideration for where I was at with my education, my ambitions and my nervous nature, before working out which horse or horses could be a possible match. So it’s not about selling to whoever wants a horse, but rather a careful selection of the right horse. My journey to visit Alex and Leigh at Burilda Park was a little nerve wracking (in my mind), however once I got there to visit and have my very first ride on my horse, Alex and Leigh spent the time with me and calmed my nerves first and started on the ground and showing me the ropes. Leigh’s knowledge and Alex’s amazing support on the day left me feeling so relieved that there are some beautiful people out there to help nervous riders like myself. I spent a few good hours there that day! Leigh and Alex also helped me get my horse to our place on one of their trips near our place, which was unexpected but greatly appreciated. The communication and follow up support after buying my horse has also been wonderful. There is also such a supportive community of people in a group who are also part of the Burilda Park Owners Group - which has been an invaluable resource! Alex and Leigh also run retreats and weekends, I highly recommend them! I have had such a wonderful experience with Burilda Park Equine - and hoping so many more deserving riders like myself are able to have this same experience when they too are looking for their first horse. Thank you Alex and Leigh, for helping me with everything, and making the purchase of my first horse such a positive experience.

Vanessa Caloghiris & Nova

I was starting the very exciting but also daunting journey of looking to adopt my first horse. Having never owned in the past and coming much later into the horseworld as a mum of 3, I did not have much experience but I heard many horror stories of people buying the wrong horse for them, resulting in accidents, loss of confidence and much worse. I was looking for a quiet trustworthy unicorn that that would fulfil my childhood dream, my beginner abilities but also looking for much more, a partner and soulmate. While looking and trying a few unsuitable horses I stumbled across Burilda Park‘s Facebook page and saw testimonies of people with their special graduates stories and it was just exactly what I was searching for. The more I scrolled through the posts, the more my gut was telling me my future unicorn had to come from Burilda Park. I got in contact with Alex and filled out my wishlist. I found their process very reassuring. When they showed me a picture and videos of Nova, the cutest petite quarter horse mare I fell in love with her straight away. The weekend I was going to meet her, they were running a liberty clinic with a special lady from Belgium and I asked if I could fence sit as it was something I was always interested in. Alex offered that I could actually do the clinic with Nova if I wanted to, which if she was the right horse for me would be amazing to get to know her better. I had the best weekend ever. Nova was so sweet, Leigh showed me the groundwork he did with her, I rode her in the arena, we did a trail in the morning before the clinic, a trail in the evening, which gave me a great insight into her and I knew by the end of the day that she was just perfect for me. Both Alex and Leigh were so welcoming and took their time to show me everything. I feel so lucky as I ended up with the most amazing little mare but also I joined a beautiful community of horse people. When you buy a Burilda Park steed it doesn’t just stop at adopting your horse. There is a whole tribe of amazing likeminded people, many that I call my friends now although we haven’t necessarily met in person. Plus Alex and Leigh are always there for emotional support or training tips or any issues you might encounter which is just amazing as you never feel alone! I also attended one of their confidence boosting clinic and absolutely loved it, I learnt some key tools to put into practice. It’s been a year now that I've owned Nova and we have grown so much. She has taken me from a nervous rider that never really went out of arena to my partner in crime and turned me in a confident rider galloping on trails on our own! All I can say if there is anyone looking for a horse, get in contact with Burilda Park. Their love for horses and dedication to you and the horses in second to none. Their clinics are amazing too and I can’t wait to attend one of their retreats in 2020. Especially if you are a nervous rider and looking for that special trustworthy companion. They have a gift for selecting the most amazing horses, put them through a unique training program and you will have a lifetime support from them and the Burilda Park tribe community!

Robyn Lowe & Maisy

I went to Alex and Leigh in February 2019 to look at a horse called Maisy that Alex said would be suited to me. Now my first ride on her I was riding with 3 broken ribs after having a serious fall 5 weeks before so I was nervous getting on, but after a while in arena they suggested we go for a ride out into the big paddock where there was cattle (as that was what I needed her for as I compete doing ranch sorting). I bought Maisy that day. From that day on, Maisy is has been the amazing Maisy she is and I trust her with my life. I have pushed her so hard competing; even through kicks from cattle and large crowds, she has never once mucked up and we have won heaps of ribbons, prizes, some money; and we have done so well all year. In January we compete in the national finals in Tamworth. So I have recommended Burilda park so many times. Honestly, if someone offered me a million dollars for Maisy I would not sell her!


Jenny Laing & Bessie

I just wanted to thank Alex & Leigh so much for choosing me to be Bessie's owner. I have had her since late Feb and haven't done a lot of riding (maybe a day a month) . I needed a no fuss horse that didn't kick, buck or jig jog. I am a committee member for the Weddin Mountain Muster and needed something reliable. The WMM is a 5 day ride at Grenfell each year. 110 registered riders and 15 riding committee members. Based at the showground, we ride out each day a different direction ( about 23 to 27 kms). Except Wednesday morning when we dress up and do a lap around town and parade up & down the main street. In the afternoon there is sporting and horse games. My dear Bessie had so many comments about how chilled she was. And quite often an unsettled horse would pull in next to Bessie to settle down. She is such an angel and I just love her to bits. At the beginning of the week we were at the front of the pack , by the end of the week we were the drag riders just plodding along. Even by the end of the 2nd day she had a 5pm nap. Sure beats jig jogging. Thank you again - a perfect match.


Amberlee Dean & Eclipse

Burilda Park has become such a huge part of my life and hopefully always will be. I finished school and I went to burilda park for 3 month over the summer holidays to help Alex and Leigh with their training program for the horses. There I met other girls who have become life long friends and such a variety of wonderful and talented people. Alex and Leigh took us through their ways step by step, day by day. Each moment I was learning something new and it was an amazing experience, I loved working with the horses and seeing the transformation in these animals in such a short time, Burilda Park really opened my eyes to a new side of horses and a different way of working, training and connecting with them. Each day we would bring the horses in and do basic training and groundwork before we would ride them in the arena and take them on trails- desensitising them to all the surroundings through bush, on roads, past trucks, through dams, in with cattle, around the houses and with the dogs. There was not one time where I felt unsure or unsafe riding any of these horse which is a big deal being a nervous rider. I was encouraged and supported every second throughout the day; riding or not. While I was there I fell in love with one of the burilda horses named ‘Eclipse’. Leigh and Alex did everything they could to help me grow and learn with him. We clicked naturally and I now have a life long best friend that I took home! One I can take anywhere and everywhere without having a worry in the world. While learning at Burilda Park my favourite part was seeing people come so nervous about buying a horse and immediately clicking with a horse and watching their face light up with pure little kid delight while riding the horse and then leaving with their best friend. Burilda Park changed my life. I discovered myself there while learning enough to fill three lifetimes. Burilda Park is more than a business and a community, it’s a family.

Joanne Abbott - Memphis & Matrix

After the devastating loss of my trusty old stock horse that my 9 year old daughter had been riding I found my self on the search for a new horse to fill the void left. I knew I needed a sound and reliable horse to keep my daughters confidence up. I somehow stumbled across Burilda Park on Facebook, and started following them. I loved the way Alex is so honest about the horses and the safety features they train into the horses. I contacted Alex initially about a horse called Trusty but he was sold. I filled in a wish list and Alex was able to match me very quickly with a horse- a match for my daughter called Matrix. I then decided we might need two and asked Alex what other horses she might have to suit me she told me about Memphis (who I had already fallen in love with from a pic!). Being that we live 6 hours away I put my trust in Alex and Leigh and brought the two boys unseen. I have never regretted this decision both boys have suited our family perfectly. We have enjoyed watching and learning from Alex and Leigh’s coaching videos and have found the support from the Tribe to be amazing, whether it be for times of triumph or despair, the support is heart warming. Both our boys have become horses for the whole family who I confidently send off for rides with my nearest and dearest!

Jane Poole- Chimes & Duke

I grew up in Darwin and was lucky enough as a young girl to have parents who paid for riding lessons and even purchased a horse for myself and 3 sisters to share. We had to agist the horse at our riding school and we went each weekend to ride and have lessons. I gave up riding as a teenager however my love of horses never left me. Fast forward some 40 odd years and my children had grown up and left the Terrritory. My husband took early retirement and we decided to move to country NSW. My one criteria for finding a new home was to have enough land so I could once again have a horse - but this time living with me and not only visiting on weekends. I started looking for a suitable horse and found a lovely 20 year old Arab mare who appeared to fit the bill. I purchased her then and there and admit now that I was blinkered by the dream. I found out fairly quickly that she was far to much of a handful for me. She is still with us and is spoiled rotten by my non-riding husband.This did not deter me, and luckily my husband was supportive of me living my dream and there commenced my search for that perfect horse. Thankfully I stumbled across Burilda Park and contact Alex. By the time I contacted Alex the horse had been sold but Alex put me on to the Burilda Park Facebook page and I loved what I saw. I was forwarded a questionnaire to complete and return to aid finding my perfect match. I drooled over each and every horse on the page and contacted Alex about a gorgeous standardbred gelding called Duke. I pestered Alex about coming down and meeting Duke and Alex agreed on the understanding that he hadn’t finished boot camp and would not be available until her and Leigh were confident that Duke was ready for me. I made the long trek to Bathurst to meet Duke and have a little ride. I told Alex my story with my previous horse purchase and told her I was not going to make a decision then and there and wanted to put some distance between Duke and myself before letting her know what I decided. I must admit, though, that the decision was made at the moment Duke nuzzled me and stayed right up in my face when I was talking to Alex and Leigh. I don’t think we had gotten more that 1km down the road from BP and I was on the phone to Alex telling her yes, yes, yes. Alex told me she hoped Duke would graduate from their program in the following week or so and she would arrange for his transport to us once he graduated. Duke and I had a lovely relationship with me loving him more and more as time passed. He taught me so much in the 10 months I had him. Whenever I had a stumble or hit what seemed to be a road block, Leigh and Alex where at the end of the phone or at the end of messenger. They received videos of Duke and I and stepped me through small adjustments I could make to communicate more effectively with Duke. I attended a confidence boosting workshop and had a private lesson with Leigh which was invaluable. I felt I was growing as a horsewoman and this was solely due to the support that Leigh and Alex offered to me through their Facebook page and via messenger. Unfortunately Duke suffered from colic and did not recover. The support that Alex, Leigh and the BP tribe offered to me was heartwarming and helped me through this very difficult time. I felt that my horse riding dream was shattered before it had really started. Here is where to BP team stepped in again and held a “Ride for Duke” day and shared their videos of them riding their trusty steeds and I was able to live vicariously through them. I had told Alex that I would be in touch with her when I felt I was ready to consider another horse. But.....my horsemanship journey was not yet over. A lovely lady who was also a BP tribe member read my story on the BP Facebook page and contacted Alex and generously offered to gift me her BP graduate Chimes. Alex kept this to herself until she felt I was in the right headspace to consider such a beautiful gesture. In early March Alex saw that it was my birthday and felt that this was the ideal time to tell me the fantastic news. I remember sitting in Woolies car park reading a messenger message from Alex telling me about the beautiful Naomi and her unbelievable offer. I was a blubbering mess and ph to Alex immediately hardly able to get any words out. Alex and Leigh wanted to have Chimes come to them for a tune up as he had not been ridden for quite a while. I was on the phone that evening to speak with Naomi and to thank her for her love, generosity and consideration of my loss. Neither Naomi, Alex or Leigh would accept any payment for their time or gift. I was champing at the bit to meet Chimes and again made the trek to Bathurst and I was once again smitten at first sight. Chimes is affectionately known at BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and has well and truly wormed has way into my heart. When Chimes arrived to me we walked out passed Duke’s grave, I thanked him for all he had taught me as I reflected all he meant to me and hugged Chimes bawling my eyes out. They were tears in of gratitude for Duke, for Naomi and for Alex and Leigh and the whole BP tribe. I am where I am because of them and I remain ever so grateful that I stumbled across BP two years ago.

Jo Garay & Gem

I am absolutely honoured to write this recommendation for Leigh and Alex of Burilda Park Equine. I am a mum of two gorgeous girls, had ridden in my teens for many years and was looking to get back into riding. Leigh and Alex were recommended to me through a friend. They were well regarded in the horse world for their calm approach, honesty, reliability and ongoing support especially for nervous riders getting back into the saddle. I purchased my gorgeous 3 year old QH Roan Gelding from Burilda Park in October last year. The process was a beautiful experience and he is truly a huge part of our family. We are absolutely delighted with him. I cannot recommend Leigh and Alex highly enough. They were professional, honest and gave me plenty of opportunity to ensure we were a perfect match. I rode Gem on many occasions and spent valuable time connecting. I was given a trial period to ensure that Gem and I were the perfect partners. During this trial period and to this day, I have been well supported by the Burilda Park Team. The ongoing support has been the most amazing part to our journey thus far. To know that no matter what challenges or experiences we face, we are constantly supported and encouraged in a professional and friendly manner. Leigh and Alex show so much enthusiasm for ensuring that both horse and rider are encouraged to strive to their full potential. We are constantly learning together and enjoying every experience. He is an absolute joy to own and he is loved and ridden by all members of our family. His gentle, kind nature is truly a blessing. We absolutely adore him.