Ultimate Nellies Retreat | May



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Ultimate Nellies Retreat:

30th April-3rd May


Led by resident Burilda trainer Leigh and supported by horsemanship mindset coach Amy Whittaker, this retreat is for the most nervous horse riders around (also known as our tribe of worriers!).

If you are on the brink of giving up all together, you’ve had a trauma or your nerves are making what should be the most magical experience, unenjoyable- then this retreat has been designed specifically for YOU.

With mindset coaching peppered all throughout the retreat, this experience with your horse is one that will be filled with the support of a team of educators who will be beside you every step of the way as together, we tackle the cause and triggers of your personal journey right through to invaluable information the minute you set foot onto Burilda Park, setting you up for the beginning of a whole new equine adventure.

This retreat is all inclusive and in an intimate group of tribe members- just like you!

You will stay in our luxury cottage, nestled in between the bush and the valleys of The Oberon Meadows, New South Wales.

All of your delicious, nutritious meals are catered for and cooked on site. All of your tuition from three dedicated educators is a part of this retreat package also.

Your horse will have their own area to stay too!

Think wine and cheese as you observe a commentated tutorial of horse behavior at sunset, bond forming equine exercises, an equine aroma-healing workshop, mindset coaching sessions both in and out of the saddle and a picnic trail ride (just to begin…)

We don’t want you to worry about a thing! Pack that horse up, grab their food for the long weekend and we will take care of the rest.


$1, 100 p/p

All Burilda retreats require riders to bring their own horse.



(Note- Arriving late afternoon/evening Wednesday 29th April is absolutely fine- no charge, this ones on us, and Oberon has plenty of amazing places to eat Wednesday evening!)


Arrive: Thursday 30th April 2020

Depart: Sunday 3rd May 2020


Want to stay an extra night after ANY adult retreat-  perhaps book a private lesson by emailing us on burildapark@hotmail.com or just relax for the day? Sure! At $75.00 p/p per night, why not!

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