So, you’ve decided that it’s time to welcome that new steed into your life! How exciting! Let’s have a look and see if we might be a good fit to assist you (just like many others!) in doing just that! We work a little differently here at Burilda Park when it comes to selling our horses and I’ll dive into telling you how we operate.

We choose a horse for you– that’s probably a good place to start.  With limited horses graduating per year, we like to know that the new owner is super suitable and will get the most out of the steed that we lovingly suggest. We find that hand selecting a horse that we know very well, to suit your criteria, serves everyone better than other ways of buying a horse.That’s just us though!
To go onto what we call our ‘Wish List’ to have an appropriate horse chosen for you, all you need to do is email Alex at and request the Wish List be sent to you. From here, you fill it in, send it back and attach a recent video of you riding. We will then notify you IF and WHEN a suitable horse for you becomes available.  If you’re in a rush, we may not be the right fit for you.

Once you’ve purchased your graduate:
So, you’ve seen videos of your horse, you’ve come out to spend time getting to know him and now you’re back at home together! Congratulations- you’ve welcomed a Burilda Graduate into your family; and now you’re a part of ours! From here, you have strictly 14 days to be super sure that this is the right fit for you. If its not, providing that your steed has four feet and a heartbeat, bring him on back for a 100% refund.We’ve spent a lot of time with your horse and we’re only happy if you both are too!

During and after this period, you have exclusive access to our ‘Burilda Park Owners Club’ Facebook group where owners from all over Australia share stories of high’s and lows (we all know when it comes to this horsemanship journey, no two days are the same!) to support one another on this adventure.
If after this time (Day 15) your circumstances change, we are happy to take your horse back into training. The fee is $440 per week all-inclusive with a 3-week minimum stay and said horse is then sold on behalf of yourself. We will gladly show your horse to potential riders during this period, the training fee is to be paid 1 week in advance.

We would assume however, that everything goes splendidly and you’re now on a super supportive path to finding your way to confidence!
How about a retreat or a private lesson with Leigh?

Graduate Only Refresher Course:

For the lifetime of your Burilda steed purchased directly from us, you have access to our graduate refresher course where if after a spell, before a competition or after an injury you are able to bring your horse back and Leigh will personally bring him back into work for you.
This is a 3-week process, all inclusive- $990 inc gst.
Exclusively for graduate horses only.

How’s that for perks!

We can’t wait to be a part of your horsemanship adventure!

Contact Alex: