We don’t advertise our graduate horses but you can always see them in videos on our daily stories on Facebook ‘Burilda Park Equine’ and Instagram @burildaparkequine! Our fully trained pleasure riding graduates are selected personally for you based on the ‘Wish List’ that we ask you to send in via email That’s right! We select a suitable horse for YOU based on the information and video footage that you provide us with. We pride ourselves on getting the match just right! We do however have photos and breeding details of our foals (see Graduate Horses page) that are available each year as weanlings to riders wanting that baby to bond with and hopefully bring back for starting and training with us in the future!

We have three breeds of horses that light us up! The Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and the Standardbred. We have retrained and homed over 270 off the track Standardbreds and have a keen eye for the type of steed that will make a Burilda Graduate (We’d like to think we have a good handle on what makes a great confidence builder by now!). We hip brand our Standardbreds with our Burilda ‘B’. These are the only hip branded Standardbreds in Australia. Cool, huh!

Our thoroughbred range are selected off the track for their trainability, temperament and of course stunning looks! We take great care in choosing the right steed that will suit youth eventing/pony club right through to adult ARC and competition mounts.

Our Quarter horses are either bred here and sired by our stallions PLAYREY DUCK or METALLIC MAVERICK; or hand selected externally, chosen for their breeding, trainability and temperament (they’re all easy on the eye too if we do say so ourselves!) to suit cow horse sports and pleasure riding. Leigh trains every horse personally with the aim to always produce a broke, safe mount for pleasure and/or competition.

Our Standardbreds are a flat fee of $3,500 inc GST.

Our registered Quarter Horses for pleasure riding are a flat fee of $10, 000 inc GST.

Our Quarter Horses for competition begin at $11, 000 +.

 Our thoroughbred range begin at $10,000.

Both breeds of horses are started in our ‘Mindful Horsemanship Program’ ground leadership series and advance into ridden work. Leigh puts a huge emphasis on respectful, willing steeds and doesn’t believe in gimmicks or cutting corners in his training program.

Our Quarter Horses are exposed to both live cattle and the mechanical cow, they go out moving stock, they are ridden alone and with company, they work on reining patterns and have extensive work outside the arena as they embark on trail riding through the pine forest that backs directly onto Burilda Park. Our Quarter Horses have the bells and whistles you’d expect of one of our graduates with the temperament to make your horsemanship adventure the best its been!

Our Standardbreds venture out into the pines after completing their ground leadership course, becoming accustomed to obstacles that they may face when riding out and about. We dedicate their training program to shape them into a model citizen for lessons, novice riders and clinics.

We haul our horses in boot camp to clinics with us where appropriate and expose them to as much as we can find.

It’s easy! Send Alex an email at and request a ‘Wish List’ to be sent to you. Fill in that list with as much detail as you can and send it back with a video of you recently riding attached. From here, we will keep your information on file and select a horse that will suit you when the right steed comes up. These things take time- so if you’re after a new steed next week we might not be the right fit for you. It is paramount to us that we get the match right.


Our retreats are designed to cater to an existing horse and rider combination and are heavily reliant on the rider bringing their own steed. The skills that you’ll learn on our retreats are ones that you’ll most certainly take home with you to continue on with your personal horse. We don’t provide any horses on retreats, the retreat time is dedicated to a better connection between you and your own steed!

If only there were more hours in the day! While Leigh is very much a workhorse, time doesn’t allow for outside horses to come in and be trained by him. Weanlings purchased through Burilda Park are the only 2/3 year old’s he will start under saddle, as well as our graduate horses. The man has to sleep at some point! We can however steer you in the direction of some great trainers if you’d like to send us an email at and then you can bring that steed back for some retreat fun!

100% you can! Our clinics and retreats are designed to cater to everyone, at every level with every horse! By the end of the clinic or retreat you’ll have a grasp on what our horses learn in boot camp here, and they’ll be model citizens in no time!