Man From Snowy River Trainers Challenge- Here We Come!

I am this 🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼excited to tell you all about our very exciting news! 🍾

Tribe- there is movement in the station and I’m about to make sure that the word has got around… ❄️🤭

If you’ve been keeping updated with our daily stories🎬 (found on the top of your homepage every day and they only last 24 hours!) ⏰then you’ll have seen the video yesterday about five minutes after I received the email… ⌨️

The email (insert magical mysterious music 🎵) oooooo!

Ima take us back a little… 🎞

I’m all about context so allow me to pepper this story with a little.

Shall I… ⏳

Last year it was suggested to us that Leigh would be a fab candidate to enter 🍻The Man from Snowy River trainers challenge.

You know how people throw things at you… this was one!

And so I looked into it and it looked super fun! 🍏

Horse trainers from all over enter this competition ⭐️and throw their hat in the ring to be selected to compete for the title and prize money. 💰

I don’t mind writing out an application so I got onto it 💻and applied for the big fella … and then Christmas came, then new year’s and I assumed they’d selected the trainers. 📞

They only select three trainers and I thought oh well mustn’t be our year💡

And then today as Leigh and I were in Bunnings looking for hessian💎 (wedding prep- you know!) I got a DING in my phone.

‘Congratulations you have been successful to be one of our three trainers🐎 for the challenge. Info pack is on its way’

Leigh didn’t know what to do with himself. (Who else has an excited introvert?) 🤗 I on the other hand should have wrapped myself in the hessian to contain my excitement!

So… the question now is… what the heck does this gosh darn challenge even look like? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lemme tell you! 🕺🏾

Leigh and the other trainers get 6 unhandled Horses to choose one each from. 👯‍♂️

They then have 3 rounds to start these horses under saddle🦋 in front of the crowd at the festival and showcase their program/method.

They’re judged on the 4th round/day on their program 🐝and how they go about things as well as their justification on WHY they do what they do.

We’ve booked our accommodation🌈 in Victoria and we’ll be headed there on the 1st April this year!

And I mean… WHAT A CAUSE!🌷

Who’s coming?! 🌤

By Alexandria Cragg

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